My blog is little over a month old…

…and has had just over 5,000 views. As I’m a total geek I am completely THRILLED by this.

Also, look at where it’s been viewed (other than the U.K)


I had to Google where New Caledonia was :-/

I’d like to thank J-Lo’s nether regions, stuff that annoys me, my rubbish fringe and, most importantly, the hapless fools off Made in Chelsea and The Apprentice for forming the bulk of my blog.

Plus all you divine people for reading it.

Carry on doing so, and tell me when it’s good and when it’s bad!


4 thoughts on “My blog is little over a month old…

  1. I’m guessing a fair few of those Nederland hits are from my household! I got my girlfriend, Kerry on to this the other day and needless to say its been an instant hit. For two scousers living abroad, it’s really comfortable to read and gives us a little glimpse into a world that we really miss. Keep blogging, Crilly!

  2. Nice blog Catherine – stumbled upon whilst googling Educating Yorkshire and am enjoying a good look around, but trying to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers.

    Cheers, Christian

    PS, I met a couple from New Caledonia a fortnight ago, which was nice.

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