List of Love 3, Volume 3 – Best Toys Ever

After writing my Christmas list yesterday, I was talking to Mother Goose about my favourite toys when I was a kid after she’d read my blog (an avid reader of my blog, is Mother Goose. Apart from the posts with swear words in which I pre-warn her about, so she can avoid them.) She confirmed that I adored Judy the doll, and agreed that my decision to give her a fringe trim wasn’t the best I ever made. She also jogged my memory about other toys that I loved, which got me reminiscing.

I’m in a nostalgic mood. Here are some of my favourite toys ever.


I was a massive Barbie fan. In fact, I can vividly remember still playing with them with my best pal Jenny when we were old enough to know better (we were absolutely certainly wearing Broughton Hall school uniforms. I.e OLD. Weirdos.) The best was Baywatch Barbie, complete with dolphin and obligatory red swimming costume. No Kens though. Ken was, and always will be, a massive divvy.

Obv with dolphin pal.

Obv with dolphin pal.


Another typically girly toy (obviously I was yet to discover feminism at the age of eight), Polly Pocket were tiny plastic worlds of wonder. So tiny, in fact, that the sets remained complete for all of five minutes – most of the Pollys were lost and Hoovered up within days. Poor Pollys 

polly pocket


The best things about these were that they were free, and collectable from packets of cereal, and came with fact cards about each puppy, which appealed to my geeky stat-loving nature. I had them all – Maria and I used to create worlds for them in our bunk beds. Toby was my favourite. He was a Newfoundland puppy who was stuck in a flowerpot.

Me fave Toby is third from the left on the back row, the ledge.

Me fave Toby is third from the left on the back row, the ledge.


THIS WAS THE BEST TOY EVER. Anyone remember him? He was a big massive teddy who magically spoke to the telly. Amazing!

I loved him, even though, in retrospect, he looks a bit demented.

I loved him, even though, in retrospect, he looks a bit demented.

Unfortunately, our TV Teddy met an untimely end. On the day that Everton won the FA Cup final in 1995, Chez Crilly was shockingly broken into. The evil robbers inexplicably nicked the controller which enabled TV Teddy to merrily chat away, so although he was still part of the family, he was tragically rendered mute forever. Sad, sad times.Oh to be a child again!


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