Record of Rage, Volume 6

After enduring a morning that can only be described as being very Crilly, and by Crilly I mean farcical, and crap, I feel compelled to pen my first Record of Rage of the year. The first four combined have all contributed to this morning’s anger. The fifth is just an ongoing annoyance. I am not a happy bunny.

Cash machines that charge you for taking your money out

I find it outrageous that you can be charged for withdrawing your own hard-earned cash. I had a tenner in my account. The majority of cash machines on my route to work charge 18.5% of that amount just to get to said tenner. Naturally the first free one I selected was only dispensing twenty pound notes. Kill me now.

All beauty products running out at the same time

My foundation, eyeliner, moisturiser and dry shampoo have all run out on the same day. I also nearly stabbed myself in the hand trying to cut open the tube of foundation with nail scissors, in an attempt to get to the very last dregs. I am fuming – it costs a lot of money to look this average.

The shop over the road from my work

It sells bugger all apart from out of date Fruit Salad bars.

People who talk for the sake of it

You know the type. Rather than existing in comfortable silence, they feel the need to fill the void with meaningless chatter. These people will also reply to a text that is quite clearly a conversation ender in a vain attempt to continue communication even though it’s obvious you don’t want to. Please, I beg you – be quiet.

Wacky tableware

The current craze for serving food and drink on or in items other than a plate, bowl or glass makes me see red. I’d like my drink in a glass, not a jam jar, and my food on a plate, not on a slab of wood or Frisbee. Thanking you in advance.


One thought on “Record of Rage, Volume 6

  1. I hate those cash machines myself. All due respect to my mum and dad but I’m glad I moved out for the purpose of cash machines because the two by them both charge getting on for 2 quid!

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