Celebrity Big Brother final – who should win?

So tonight we’ll finally find out who’s going to be crowned the winner of this seemingly interminable series of Celebrity Big Brother. (Seriously though – it seems to have been on FOR ABOUT FIVE YEARS.) It’s been eventful to say the least.

It’s been dominated, of course, by the (yawn) Stephanie and Jeremy “love story.” The only thing I will say about this is that she is a bad wool and a needy one at that – once Jeremy realises she’s even more crazy outside the house than inside it, then I don’t think they’ll be planning a wedding any time soon.  If she wins I will fume.

Scotty T is surely a dead cert to win, as everyone inside and outside the house adores him. (Sidenote – it does not say much for the rest of the household that Scotty T, of all people, has continuously been the sole voice of reason.) But I love Tiffany – absolutely crackers, of course, and flies off the handle like no other, but highly entertaining – and I am genuinely made up for Danniella and how good the experience has made her feel about herself; I cried my eyes out at her diary room chat the other night. She’s done brilliantly.

Out of the other finalists, I cannot bear John and his ever-changing accent (depending on who he’s speaking to at the time.) I quite like Darren too, but I think he’s perhaps been a little too guarded, and too mindful of wanting to change the public’s perception of him to truly be himself. Having said that, I’d be pleased for him if he won. Just please don’t let it be Steph. PLEASE.

Elsewhere, it seems to me like Big Brother has been a little bit nastier this year.  More face to face nominations, more footage shown to the household of what people have been saying about other housemates behind their back, that kind of thing. I do have to say though – and this goes for in real life as well – I don’t really know why people are surprised when they discover that this has gone on. Everyone does it and people who say that they don’t are blatantly lying!

However, this series will forever be dear to my heart for one reason – the absolute farce that was the confusion over Angie Bowie’s announcement that “David has died.” Whenever I feel down, to cheer myself up I will bring to mind the quite brilliant image of Darren Day running into the bedroom to check the pulse of a sleeping – but still very much alive – David Gest.  And I loved it mainly because I reckon Bowie himself would have been giggling away about it, wherever he may be.