Let’s rise above the Daily Fail’s comments about the ladies at Aintree

Just a quick one about a subject that rears its ugly head every single year and never fails to get me riled.

Yup, it’s that time of year again when the Daily Fail gleefully and spitefully goes out of its way to make a mockery of Scouse women going to Aintree. I’ve said only Scouse women there, even though obviously people from all over the country attend the races, but this doesn’t suit the Mail at all; they don’t like the idea of someone well-to-do looking a bit dodgy. This year’s coverage has been particularly cruel, I think. The photographers have gone out of their way to get photos of women when their skirts have blown up, and the captions have veered from the snobby to the downright mean – many basically said “good God woman, you are just too fat for that outfit!”

How dare they. How do they know that the women they’re photographing and sneering at don’t already have self-esteem issues, or have had eating disorders in the past? Or simply thought they looked absolutely great as they left to have a fun day out with family and friends that was then ruined by the malicious words from a cruel newspaper. I’d be crushed, I know that for sure.

However, there are a couple of things I’ve noticed in people’s attempts to defend our fine city. There have been comparisons made with other race meetings like Ascot and Cheltenham, and comments about how women – and it’s always the women, never men, as men will never have to worry about their appearance and behaviour being scrutinised and commented on to the same degree as women do – behave badly there as well, and have patchy fake tan on display there as well, and fall over when they’re a bit pissed in their dress that’s maybe a little bit short there as well, as if this comparison is a great defence. Actually, the fact that it’s being noticed at all at other race meetings too shows that women are clearly expected to behave and dress in a certain way all over the country – are you really trying to tell me that men don’t get drunk whilst maybe wearing a suit that doesn’t quite fit at the races? – and it’s only the media who are portraying the image of the northern girl making a show of herself.

I’ve also seen a photo of the journalist who wrote the article doing the rounds on social media and her appearance is being ripped to shreds, apparently to “shame her like she’s attempted to shame the women of Liverpool.” People are ridiculing her, calling her names, laughing at her choice of tights for God’s sake. Errrr…isn’t that stooping to the Mail’s level? Isn’t that being just as nasty, and making a woman feel bad about how she looks, which is WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO AVOID?!

Basically, what I’m saying is let’s all be bloody nice to each other. Let’s not childishly retaliate when a journalist writes a mean piece about the great women of our city. Let’s rise above it and tell each other we look beautiful. And to everyone going to the races today, I hope you have an absolute ball and I bet you all look gorgeous. Do us proud!


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