The top 5 films guaranteed to make me sob my heart out

I felt emotional just writing about these films.  P.s as previously mentioned, I’m no film buff, so don’t expect any cool, obscure films to crop up in this particular list.


This film has inspired this particular post.  I’ve just noticed it was on the list of films on demand on telly and, as I am a glutton for punishment, I put it on solely to watch the first ten minutes, which are ten of the most heart-breaking minutes in cinematic history.  Cross your heart…

Forrest Gump

One of my favourite films of all time.  I have watched it about a thousand times and the bit where Forrest is having a chat to Jenny at her gravestone about how smart Forrest Jnr is kills me off every time.


When Dumbo goes to visit his mum as she’s been locked away for being a crazy elephant (WRONGLY MAY I ADD) and Baby Mine is playing…oh I can’t type any more about this one.  Watch it instead:


A strange choice, you might think, as it is by and large gut-wrenchingly hilarious (the scene on the plane makes me sob laughing to be fair), but I’ve watched it countless times with our Helen and we are sure to well up at the part near the end when Lillian is about to leave for her honeymoon and she’s saying bye to everyone at the party and she can’t find Annie but then she glimpses her in the crowd and the look they exchange says it all.  Because you don’t need to say anything for your best friend to know exactly what you mean, do you?

One Day

I actually hate the film adaptation of this.  Maybe my tears when watching it are down to Anne Hathaway’s abomination of a Yorkshire accent.  But mainly it’s down to the fact that it obviously reminds me of the book, which I hold very dear, and the sad bit (which I won’t mention here for fear of spoiling it for people who haven’t read it) SHOCKED ME TO THE CORE when I read it for the first time.  When I went to see it in the cinema I nearly had to be hospitalised, I was crying that much.  My mate Sarah was contemplating pretending not to know me, I was that much of a show.


Bit depressed now. 




My review of The Great Gatsby

Just to inform you from the off, Barry Norman I ain’t.  (I’m definitely a better film reviewer than Claudia Winklemeff though.  But that wouldn’t be difficult.)  I hardly ever go to the cinema because I fidget a lot, and can’t get comfortable, and the general public tend to get on my nerves, and I’d rather read a book anyway.  However, I am besotted with Leonardo diCaprio so I have made an exception in this instance.

Here is an astonishingly lazy review of the film, in bullet-point form.


  • Leo.  Oh my.  This man, like a fine wine, (not that I’d know anything about them – £4 bottles of Blossom Hill all the way for me), gets better with age.  I have loved him since I first saw Romeo + Juliet and he will always be my first true love.  Also – excellent tan.
  • Jordan’s hair.  I want to chop all my tresses off now.
  • The soundtrack is incredible.
  • As are the clothes.  I now want to dress like Daisy and Jordan all the time but I reckon I’d look a bit daft flouncing round work in a flapper dress or turning up to El Bandito in a ballgown.


  • It is about 113 years long.
  • Tobey Maguire wrecks my head.  This is due to the fact that his mouth is off-puttingly twisty.
  • As Tobey Maguire narrates the whole thing, I was annoyed by his mouth for more or less the entire film, which ruined it for me just a tad.
  • Also I nearly dozed off on numerous occasions.


Having said all that, all my mates absolutely loved it.  So don’t listen to a word I say.