What should I give up for Lent?

Terrifyingly, it’s March already. Seriously, where did that creep up on us from? It is basically nearly Christmas again already and I for one feel rather discombobulated.

It also happens to be Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday or whatever the hell you want to call it. (Sidenote: I’ve just remembered that, because our Helen was born on a Pancake Tuesday, I thought her birthday would always be on a Pancake Tuesday. Bless. Not the brightest bulb in the box…) I’m not a fan of the ol’ pancake, which I am aware leaves me in the minority, but they make me gag – too sweet! Too *shudder* flaccid! I’d rather, as ever, have some ham. Or chicken. Or sausages. Mmmm.

Obviously, this also means Lent starts tomorrow which has had me a-ponderin’ all morning. Should I give something up this Lent? Usually, as with New Year’s resolutions, I hilariously* state that I’m “giving up giving things up.” And I’m sure you can all remember how long I lasted on the wagon for Dry January. But I want to set myself a challenge, despite my laughable lack of willpower. I fleetingly toyed with the idea of giving up meat, but then realised that I would basically be solely surviving off bread and wine, which, although fittingly Biblical, would not be good for the waistline.

Julia is giving up alcohol (save for a week-long disclaimer which, in my eyes, is perfectly legitimate.) Scouse Bird Problems is, quite brilliantly, giving up gobshites, which is a great idea, but I’d find it difficult to break the habit of a lifetime overnight. And so I need some inspiration. Give me some ideas, dear blog readers, and I’ll see if I’m up to the challenge. Hopefully I’ll last longer than the frankly pathetic nine days of Dry January…

*not funny at all. On a par with “anything else I can help you with?” “Well, the winning lottery numbers would be nice ROFL.” Kill me. Kill me now.